About Us

Mission - Vision

Our Mission-Vision is:

 Importing top quality products and providing best services which add value to society in order to satisfy health requirements by solving medical, social and economic problems.

 From our leadership positioning in Afghanistan, consolidating our presence in the entire Afghanistan, particularly in major cities, as a company of reference in the Pharmaceutical Sector and Consumer Sector.

 Encouraging a corporate culture based on professional attitudes and teamwork so that individual and collective efficiency represents a competitive advantage.


AIH Company has ambitious plans to market a wide range of pharmaceutical specialties ranging from highly sophisticated prescription products to common OTC products. We seek worldwide best manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical products and consumer products with whom we can create business-relations to import, promote and market its pharmaceutical and consumer products to Afghanistan.

Corporate Values

We are the people performing the actions so we are the ones who stamp a particular philosophy and character on our professional duties. In AIH Co.,Ltd we have defined a group of corporate values which inspire the daily tasks in our professional sphere. These values are:


Acting with responsibility, accuracy and efficiency.

Innovation and creativity

Working with initiative to create systems that enable us to improve the results of our daily work.

Effectiveness and agility

Concentrating our efforts on work processes which add value to overall results.


Cooperating with colleagues, meeting obligations in every area of the company.


Supporting and encouraging work by empowering professional growth through participation and confidence in new professional challenges.

Customer focus

Working with an attitude of serving those who are to receive the results of our activities.


Maintaining an attitude of accessibility to others, supplying information needed for the understanding and performing of our work.


Our Strategic Objectives


In order to obtain innovative medicines that offer solutions to a variety of disorders, AIH Co.,Ltd maintains three basic strategic premises:

 Foster our search for manufacturers providing best quality products.

 Strengthen our presence in the entire Afghanistan.

 Maintaining leadership in the Afghan Pharmaceutical & Consumer Market.

With the aim of aiding the fight against disease our seeking (best manufacturers) and development policy focuses on discovering innovative drugs, both through our own marketing projects and with other companies.

We work to strengthen our position in cities where we already have offices, and to analyze investment opportunities in other markets such as cosmetic products, skin products and consumer items, in addition to forming strategic alliances with other pharmaceutical companies.

In addition, the proven efficacy of our products, together with the dedication and professionalism of our workforce, has made us leaders in the Afghan Pharmaceutical Market, a position we intend to reinforce significantly. Our aim is to maintain our position as leaders of the pharmaceutical sector in Afghanistan.

Our Commitment


AIH Co.,Ltd. is strongly committed to:


 Company Management.



 Medical Professionals




 Distributors & Sub-Distributors

This commitment is based on providing maximum benefit by utilizing all the available resources affectively, efficiently, and contributing in the development of a healthy society.


Our Quality Management


AIH Co.,Ltd is proud with the fact that 95% of the doctors in government and private hospitals and clinics in Afghanistan prescribe the products marketed by AIH Co.,Ltd. We are proud with the fact that the consumer products being imported and marketed by AIH are always accepted and appreciated in the Afghan Consumer Market.


To ensure best quality of the pharmaceutical and consumer products, AIH Co.,Ltd. reviews the QMS (Quality Management System) of the manufacturers by its trained staff every year. Periodic inspections of the products are carried out to ensure the compliance of quality standards.

AIH Co.,Ltd.

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