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Afghanistan is poised for a great leap as far as commerce and industry are concerned. The state-sponsored development programs are bound to make the country self-sufficient and to improve basic care services, health facilities, education, and end up endemic poverty. Current obvious challenges in the country, especially in health sector are illegal importation of medicines with non-matching standards in terms of quality, packaging, inappropriate storage, and finally yet importantly the proper distribution chain to all over Afghanistan. Considering the Afghan government and International Community’s strategies (The Afghanistan Compact, ANDS and MDG), AIH Co. Ltd, the leading company in Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Items and General products  is taking the initiative to construct a pharmaceutical and food industry, while considering the latest applicable standards.












                                                                              (Pharma Plant)


To make this happen, AIH Co.,Ltd. is committed for being a constructive player in nation building and supporting Afghan Government goals. The projects are planned to be constructed on a 40,000 square meter land located in “Industrial Township” of Kandahar and Kabul Provinces. The plant, when finished, will be the first advanced pharmaceutical and food factory in Afghanistan history and even in the region. At AIH Co.,Ltd. Pharmaceutical plant we would initially manufacture oral solid products, sterile products, and liquid & semi-solid products in following forms:

· Injections

· Tablets

· Cream / Ointments

· Capsules

· Suspensions / Syrup

· Drops

· Sachets

At AIH Co.,Ltd. Food factory we would initially manufacture the following snacks:

· Barbecue Flavored Potato Chips

· Cheddar & Sour Cream Flavored Potato Chips

· Chile Limon Flavored Potato Chips

· Classic BLT Flavored Potato Chips

· Classic Potato Chips













                                                                 (Food Factory & Head Office)


Since there is a heavy demand for quality products in the region and in the CIS countries, there is enough scope for exporting the products from Afghanistan to these countries. The standards and quality set in our factories, under the supervision of our Quality Management and professional partners abroad will be contributing factors for utilizing the production capacity of the factories to cater to the needs of the said areas. We have specific export plans, which will be taking shape before the company starts production.

















                                                                 (Afghan Map with neighboring countries)

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